The Authority formulates and adopts an operating budget every year. This budget covers the calendar year and is usually adopted in December of the prior or January of the current year.

The operating budget covers all operational costs of running the collection system, the pump station and the treatment plant. Principal expense items include staff compensation, electric power, chemicals and repair and maintenance costs, as well as minor capital items.

Another major budget item is debt service, covering principal and interest payments on the outstanding debt incurred by the Authority to finance capital projects.

Major capital costs are included in a capital budget, which is reviewed annually, or more frequently, and updated as warranted.

Revenues derived from quarterly sewer charges to customers are the main source of funding to support operating expenditures. Other revenue sources include tapping fees, connection fees and interest on investments.


The 2023 AVMA budget was presented and approved at the December 2022 meeting of the Authority.

>> View a copy of the AVMA 2023 budget.