Three members of the AVMA board are appointed by Mount Penn Borough, two by Lower Alsace Township.
Board members serve five year terms.

Chairperson – Troy Goodman – term expires 12/31/2017
Vice-Chairperson – Claudia Hurwitz – term expires 12/31/2019
Secretary – Dave Wojhehoski – term expires 12/31/2018
Treasurer – Curtis Hill – term expires 12/31/2020
Assistant Treasurer – Patrick McDevitt – term expires 12/31/2021
Assistant Secretary – Loretta Kennedy


Solicitor – Brian F. Boland, Esq.- Kozloff-Stoudt. P.C.
Engineer – Mike Sassaman – Entech Engineering
Auditor – William R. Maslo, CPA
Insurance – The Loomis Company
Pension Administrator – Thomas P. White – Morgan Stanley
Actuary – Joseph Duda – Duda Actuarial Consulting


Office Manager: Loretta Kennedy
Plant Superintendent/ Certified Operator: Kerry J. Ustaszewski
Plant Personnel:
David M. Herb, Joseph Ravert – Certified Operators | Daniel McDevitt – Mechanic | Michael J. Frankhouser